Thursday, August 27, 2009

FNO "Round 2"

Friday Night Out or FNO as we call it is starting up again September 11th. Let me clarify for our connection group leadership the intended purpose for this event. FNO is a strategy to grow connection groups. Here is how it works.

Step #1: Intentionally pray and ask God to reveal to you a couple/individual that needs to be invited to your group for connection.

Step#2: Invite them to your connection group meeting where they will experience acceptance and community.

Step#3: While at group receive an FNO voucher for free childcare the following Friday night.

Step#4: Register your children with their names and ages at before 11:59 pm on the Wednesday of that week. (Be sure to tell your invitees the same thing)

Step#5: Come to FNO with your voucher and your kids and enjoy a night out on the town with your friends while the friendly staff at CPH care for your children.

Step#6: repeat steps 1-5 for each FNO preferably with a different couple/individual each time and watch your connection group grow!

We really can't stress enough how this event is intended to grow your group through the combined efforts and intentionality of everyone involved. As a leader you are THE key element in all of this through your consistent communication of the message and by your example as you personally follow through with the plan. I am confident that our groups can and will grow through this strategy but it all comes down to our people and leadership being intentional!

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